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We know that most producers use technologies for farming production, but face difficulties with high costs and lack of infrastructure. It's in these conditions that Mastera, which adopts ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, comes to give quick evolution to technology in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the world's main places for investments and innovative solutions in agribusiness! And this is no small thing, we are talking about a continental-sized country.

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Research-based and ready-to-market solutions

A chain that guarantees technological solutions involving ESG practices throughout the entire cycle:

In parallel, investors and companies in our community organize themselves to find investment opportunities and promote the business.
This ensures that we are involved in all businesses stages and guarantee the development of truly innovative solutions in the market.
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  • Mastera analyzes the research databases
  • A new solution is identified with technological maturity
  • We filter the information that is attractive for new businesses
  • We defined projects for the short, medium, and long term
  • We creating an opportunity map identifying the best technical composition for developing the new solution with a structured and a validated business model

We generate innovative
solutions to the field

We know that innovative solutions do not start from nowhere, that is why Mastera monitors all the cycle steps. This way, we guarantee more security to adopt and experiment more agribusiness technologies.
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For you

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On the farm, do you face challenges such as high costs, lack of infrastructure and new technologies to add efficiency and security to your daily routine?

Mastera ensures that these will no longer be hurdles for you. We work so that you can profit 100% from all available technology and boost your investments in the field.

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Focus on innovation

Convinced that from now on the agribusiness challenges will be increasingly greater, Mastera focuses on always being one step ahead using an important ally: innovation!
Our digital platform aims to generate innovative solutions to the field promoting waste reduction, expanding supply sources and adding value to production.
We do everything very carefully to fulfill the needs of each stage in the production chain.

Investors and Startups

Brazil's data on agribusiness opportunities are very attractive.
The country is known around the world for its strength in agribusiness. In 2018, the GDP of this sector was R$1.4 trillion and only 0.02% of this amount was invested in Agtechs.
The potential of this market is gigantic and Mastera is here to lead this growth into the future.
We can show you many possibilities.

New techs
and data

Bring data and new
tech to your favor!

We put together the best we have to offer in technological research in order to structure information and knowledge bases to innovate agribusiness through modern solutions such as new tech, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT, among others.

To achieve this, we have a partnership with the "Luiz de Queiroz" College of Agriculture, which is committed to encourage entrepreneurship and technological development based on science.

There are several sources, information and databases analysed by specialists in many areas and published in a virtual environment, with the necessary technical credibility.

By doing this, we respect the environment and promote sustainability, seeking a more connected, conscious, and disruptive agribusiness in benefit of mankind.

We connect startups,
investors and data

In order to make your startup have a positive impact on humanity and participate in the agribusiness technological transformation, with disruption applicable to all, Mastera brings together your business and innovative companies that want to be part of this transformation to develop new technologies and create a collaborative process for the market.

Technology, innovation, and community: we are Mastera!

For rural
and urban farmers

The needs of those who invest in rural and urban agriculture are different. Mastera understands the needs of each and combines advanced technologies to deal with large-scale agriculture in the rural environment.
But we also take care of the trends and opportunities of urban agriculture that takes advantage of distribution facilities and incorporates the principles of ecological production very closely to the consumer!

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Looking into the future

Everyone in Mastera's community will be the first to promote innovation and technological development through connections, exchange experiences and high-value opportunities for agribusiness.

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